Fall Ball – FAQ

Everything you need to know about Fall Ball


What Does My Player Need?

  • At a minimum, a baseball glove, baseball pants (gray or white), a belt, and cleats.
  • You may want a bat and a helmet, however, players share bats, and the league provides helmets.
  • Your player might also want batting gloves, and a gear bag, but these aren’t necessary.
  • The league provides a jersey and a hat.
  • 13U players may elect to purchase a wood bat. (13U is all-wood).

2017 Fall Ball Evaluation Schedule:

In order to make teams as fair as possible, we evaluate players’ skills though a fun “eval practice” before making teams. This ensures everyone has a fun season, without the overhead of a full-blown evaluation and draft. There’s no pressure, and players are encouraged to enjoy the sessions and have fun.

Mustang Players
Wednesday, Sept 6, 2017  4:15pm – 6:00pm
Dwight Murphy Field

Bronco Players
Thursday, Sept 7, 2017  4:15pm – 6:00pm
Cabrillo Field

Pony Players
Friday, Sept 8, 2017  4:15pm – 6:00pm
Cabrillo Field

Parent Obligations

  • Register and pay for your player
  • Get your player to evaluations, as described above
  • Pony, Bronco and Mustang families: bring a $150 snack shack deposit check to evaluations. (Why?) This does not apply to Shetland and Pinto families for Fall.
  • Work one shift at the Snack Shack during the season, or, for a $100 up-front buyout, you can skip your shift.

Schedules:  2017 Daily Practice and Game Schedule

The actual daily schedule will become available around Sept. 5th. Check this location or the home page for updates.

The Season – 2017 schedule

  • Evaluations are 9/6 – 9/8
  • Practices start 9/11
  • Season ends 11/12

Who coaches?

  • Shetland, Pinto, Mustang and Bronco teams are coached mostly by players’ parents.
  • Coaches complete a LiveScan background check, and at least one coaching clinic and Positive Coaching Alliance seminar.

Can I Coach?

  • We’re always looking for good coaches. Email Coach Coordination Steve Keithley if you’re interested.

What are all these horses?

  • PONY is an acronym for Protecting Our Nation’s Youth.
  • Each of our divisions is named after a particular type of horse (see what they did there?). SB PONY Baseball has Shetland, Pinto, Mustang, Bronco and Pony divisions, and the age key is here, so if in doubt, refer to it to see your player’s division.