Santa Barbara Pony Baseball fields post-season “All-Star” teams in all divisons. The all-star season begins at the end of the regular Spring season and continues into July.

All-Star teams compete in tournaments in communities such as Santa Ynez,  Simi Valley, Port Hueneme, and many others, including the official Pony Sanctioned Tournaments which lead up to the Pony World Series.

All-Star baseball is avowedly competitive and there are no guarantees of play time such as apply in the regular season.  It is a great opportunity for players to work on aspects of the game which can’t usually be practiced in the regular season, to develop their skills, and to test themselves by playing against the best players from neighboring organizations. Participants also enjoy the special experience and team cameraderie of travelling to other locales (sometimes overnight) to play baseball.

All-Star coaches are chosen by the SB Pony Baseball board during the regular season. Baseball experience and past coaching success are important factors in selection. It is the coach’s responsibility to select players, to assemble a coaching and administrative staff for the team, and to schedule tournament participation (which must include the Pony Sanctioned District tournament).  SB Pony Baseball does not dictate criteria for player selection, except that a player who has failed to fulfill commitments to his regular season team or in a past All-Star season may be ruled ineligible.