Spring Season (February-May)

Spring season is divided into five divisions based on player age and experience. The rules in each division create a game that is fun and exciting, appropriate to player skill level, and oriented towards further player development.
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All-Stars (June-July)

Santa Barbara Pony Baseball fields post-season “All-Star” teams in all divisons.   The all-star season begins at the end of the regular Spring season and continues into July.   All-Star teams compete in tournaments in communities such as Santa Ynez,  Simi Valley,  Port Hueneme, and many others, including the official Pony Sanctioned Tournaments which lead up to the Pony World Series.
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Fall Ball (September-November)

Santa Barbara Pony Baseball operates a Fall Ball league for the Mustang and Bronco divisions, and a ‘Fall Ball workout’ for the Pinto division. These programs run from approximately Labor Day until the week before Thanksgiving. Each Fall Ball division is open to all players who will be playing in that division in Spring. Thus, Fall Ball is a great opportunity for younger players who will be moving up to accustom themselves to the more demanding game, different rules, and larger diamond of the higher division.
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