Sample Welcome Email for Coaches

Athletics (insert your team name) Parents –
Welcome to the A’s (insert your team name)! Please read this entire email – it’s the longest one you’ll get all season, I promise. First things first:
The A’s (insert your team name) are:
<insert alphabetical player roster here>
I’ll send out a contact list with phone numbers soon.
Everyone cc’d on this email is on my “A’s”(insert your team name) contact list. If there’s anyone else you’d like added, please let me know. Anyone on the list will get all A’s emails (from me) for the whole season.
<insert coach names here>
Schedule (subject to change):
Here’s what we know so far:
Note: practices are not all at the same location
<insert the next few scheduled events>
What The League Provides:
Team Jersey
Team Hat
What You Need to Provide:
Baseball glove
Baseball pants (preferably white)
Belt (green if you don’t have one, or use what you have)
Socks (green if you don’t have a pair, or use what you have)
You Might Also Want:
Athletic Cup
Sliding shorts
Bat (kids share, so it’s fine to not have a bat)
Baseball bag
Batting gloves
Raffle Tickets:
At our first meeting, your player will receive 25 $2 raffle tickets, sales of which help support the league. You can buy them yourself, or sell to friends and family. Please return the proceeds to our Team Parent (<insert team parent name, email>) as soon as possible.
The first few weeks are a little hectic, but after opening day we expect one practice and one game per week. Practices and games may well be on different days each week. I understand that folks have conflicting commitments, illnesses and emergencies, and am happy to accommodate. However, when players simply don’t show up without getting in touch, it affects the morale and performance of the entire team. If you’re going to miss a game or practice, always let me know, even if it’s last minute (though please don’t wait ’til the last minute if you know before that!) If anyone’s ever stuck for a ride, there are 14 or so other people headed to the same field, so call me or contact the rest of the team – we’ll get your player to the field, and home again. Also, your participation in running the snack shack will be required once during the season. Typically a shift is shared, so you won’t miss much of the game. This is a league fundraiser, so please live up to your obligation when your shift comes around.
Looking forward to a great season of baseball! If you ever have questions or concerns, please let me know.
One last thing – please shoot me a quick reply so that I’ll know you got this email (and read it all the way to the bottom!)
Go A’s (insert your team name here)!