Live Scan

Santa Barbara Pony Baseball Coaches and Assistants must complete the Live Scan process. It’s quick, easy, and best of all you only have to do it once.

Here are the steps:

  • Call the Santa Barbara Police Department at 805 897-2355 to make an appointment
  • Fill out the Pony League Live Scan form*. Copy it. Take the original and the copy with you to your SBPD appointment.
  • Have the technician sign both forms, and bring the signed copy away with you.
  • That’s all – easy!

If the Live Scan form is blank…

The Live Scan form is a PDF document. Due to some undiagnosed quirk of either Acrobat or your browser, the form fields may appear blank under certain circumstances. e.g. the form looks fine in Chrome on a PC, but the fields are blank when viewed on an iPhone, or maybe the form looks right in Safari, but the field are blank when you print the form.

The top of the form should look like this:


and the bottom should look like this:


If your printed copy happens to be blank, you can fill it in as you see here.

Worst case, print this .png file.