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Auto Draft

If you have one of these bats (Easton Ghost X), you may need to return it!

USA Baseball also put out a news release and stated, “If any of these bats are used during competition, it should be considered an illegal and non-compliant bat, and subject to league rules concerning the use of illegal or unapproved bats. Coaches and team administrators are encouraged to check their team’s bats and withhold these bats from play. League administrators should share this information with their umpires.

New Bat Standards: Effective Jan 1, 2018

In Conjunction with USA Baseball and it’s other participating national member organizations, PONY Baseball has adopted the new USA Baseball bat standard (USABat).

Official Flyer on Bat Changes! (PDF)
Read about the new rules here.

New bats are expected to be offered in retail stores in September 2017.

Q. What bats are legal in Pony baseball Currently (Spring 2017)?
A. From the PONY rule book:

  •  2-¼″ barrel bats are legal in all divisions of PONY Baseball. They must have a Bat Performance Factor (BPF) of 1.15 stamped on the bat. In addition, the bat must be stamped “Approved for play in PONY Baseball”.
  •  2-⅝″ barrel bats are legal in all divisions of PONY Baseball. If a 2-⅝″is -3, it must be BBCOR certified (stamped on the bat). Currently all 2-⅝″ bats -5, -7, -9, etc. are legal.
  • 2 3/4” barrel bats are prohibited in all divisions of PONY Baseball.